We continue to improve beyond technology and quality to extend the service life of our products.
About Us
Dixin Mould Parts is a manufacturer specializing in the field of die parts. It can produce various precision parts according to DIN/ISO/FIBRO/DAYTON/DME/MISUMI/HASCO/tool parts standard.

As a family business, we can provide you with fast solutions, competitive costs and worry-free services.

③Now, we have cooperated with more than 3000 customers and overseas agents around the world.

④Win-win cooperation, choose Dixin!

  • Wo are weDixin's Concern about DME/MISUMI/HASCO/Standard for Tool Components (including Metal Stamping)...
  • Wo are weDixin's Concern about the Component Standard of DME/MISUMI/HASCO/Metal Stamping/Plastic Injection Tool...
  • Wo are weDixin has a good global reputation in the field of fittings and components, and is a high-quality supplier....
Do you have any questions about our products? Please send us the drawings for verification and we will provide a quick response.
Our Products
How do we work?
Step 1: MappingProvide quick response when customers send us drawings.
Step 1: Order processingWe work closely with our customers from purchase orders to delivery..
Step 1: Delivery timeIn Dixin, efficient and rigorous work style has always been the core of our corporate culture. Usually 5-7 working days are special orders and 15-20 working days are large orders..
Over 20 years of experience in the field of die parts has made our high quality service consistent.You will probably get a great solution for the precise parts. It's cheaper and smoother for your dies - Mr. Janmes Hou, CEO of Dixin.

Why Choosing Us
Centuries-old historyOver 20 Years'Experience in Die Partss.
High-qualityQuality of Design and Manufacture.
Quick deliveryFaster delivery by air express.
Small orders are acceptableSmall orders are acceptable and we treat each order very well..
A wonderful teamProfessional sales team to provide rapid response and service.
OEMProvide 5 years of OEM experience to customers from the United States and Europe.
Rich productsComplete Tool Component Product Line.
News supplyTimely industry news for reference.
Dixin guarantees that our materials and sizes are strictly inspected before shipment.

Our Team

Press mold parts have to bear high pressure and high load working environment. Occasional fracture is very likely t...
Molding inserts are very famous in plastic mold parts. They are often "turned over" in plastic molds. They are mo...
When using the needle thimble to grind non-standard die parts, some of them have just been on duty for a short time...
The influence of cooling process is also the heat treatment deformation of stamping die parts, which is often show...
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